Grasshopper Plug-In

SpaceChase is a plugin that works within Rhino Grasshopper. Grasshopper is used for parametric modeling and design, and it combines the powerful 3D modeling capabilities of Rhino with a more customizable and parametric approach. You need to have a basic understanding of Rhino and Grasshopper at the beginner level to use SpaceChase.

One of a kind Grasshopper Plug-in

Spacechase is a creativity software tool that enables the designer to produce viable layout options and focuses on initiating dynamic capabilities to Space Syntax theory by introducing the “dynamic canvas” model along with real-time editing capabilities in an interactive physics-based environment.

Dynamic Graph

The SpaceChase plugin for Grasshopper combines Space Syntax analysis methods with Kangaroo to provide an interactive dynamic model.

Syntactic Analysis

Calculate Space Syntax metrics fast and easy through points and edges. Use these metrics in combination with the dynamic graph model for a syntactic, interactive, dynamic graph visualisation!

Structured Output Data

SpaceChase was made with both newbies and experienced Grasshopper users in mind.

While maintaining a straightforward easy-to-use format, output data is always structured and available in basic Rhino/Grasshopper data types to be used in combination with more advanced approaches.

Usable data and geometries over premade visuals!

Advanced Interaction

Need more control over the Dynamic Graph?Try the ‘Link Manager’ and ‘Contextual Node Manager’ UIs!

Exposed Internal Information

Every bit of information that was used to make the calculations in SpaceChase is exposed through multiple components. If you need something that we haven’t done yet with the calculations, go ahead and use the data! Maybe even send us an email about it!


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