Below are some of the project collaborations with various research groups, lectures, and workshops.

Istanbul Bilgi University ARCH401 Design Studio

After the workshop at İstanbul Bilgi University, our participants Abdullah and Halit Mallah started to develop their project using SpaceChase GH plug-in.

SpaceChase is a tool for design. You can use it to make digital sketches at any time during your entire design journey. Using dynamic graph you can see different layouts of the placements. You can make/evaluate your design with integration, selection, etc. values by making space syntax analyzes that work as part of the plugin.
UCL SpaceSyntax Lab.UCL SpaceSyntax Lab.UCL SpaceSyntax Lab.

Istanbul Bus Network

This analysis utilized Cytoscape to explore the connections between districts in Istanbul and bus stops, while also determining centrality among these districts and conducted by Nilüfer Kozikoğlu and Ahmet Kutsi Nircan
Bakirkoy Mental Hospital Campus graphBakirkoy Mental Hospital Campus graphBakirkoy Mental Hospital Campus graph

Scada Competition

Invitation based competition
Jury Mention Prize

The focus of the project is the design of a center that hosts broad-based awareness scenarios for climate resilience and sustainable energy tactics, also known as “community building.” Instead of an SCADA structure, the project is developed with a campus approach, taking into account the solar panels that operate for 16 hours a day and the uninterrupted wildlife that operates 24 hours a day, in addition to the 8 hours of building usage by 21 staff members; it is designed to cater to a diverse user group, including people from the region contributing to peripheral programs such as libraries, advanced agricultural methods, and medicinal plants, as well as employees, students, interns, journalists, and national and international researchers with NGOs. The structure is built like a ship, anchored to the slopes where the excavated earth is secured with shotcrete, with some parts above ground and others underground, divided into capsules.
Istanbul bus station network graphIstanbul bus station network graphIstanbul bus station network graph

Istanbul Bilgi University ARCH402 : BIOSYNTHETIC CITY

We believe that by employing “SpaceChase,” we may identify the space fiction quality as a methodology worth re-evaluating in architecture and urban planning at all scales. The fact that design quality is founded on accurate quantitative foundations while also revising according to reasonable principles is one of the most essential aspects of using spacechase. Considering the objects that will directly and indirectly effect the design, as well as being able to observe and grasp the network of relationships between these objects, while we were in the design stage, increased our analytical design element. It’s inspiring to see it mixed with limitless versions of programs that might perform better with the clusters they’re attempting to create. The stage of making different versions according to the available parameters was a key component for the use of spacechase here, regardless of the magnitude of the city or the structure. The plug-in provided a significant advantage in identifying potentials that we had overlooked, which was not optimal in only one variation. We are certain that Spacechase will be one of the first strategies we use in the design phase going forward.

Okan Tasgin
Bilgi University Student Council Supervisory Board President
Faculty of Architecture Student Representative

Yilmaz Okumus
Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture
International Bandırma Park layout

Serviced Office Coworking Space Design

International Bandırma Park layoutInternational Bandırma Park layoutInternational Bandırma Park layout